Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Relative URL in Sharepoint is incorrectly resolved

Today I had a problem with the TreeView WebControl. I wanted to set the NavigateUrl to a relative url in Sharepoint in one of my webparts (I allow user configuration of this property so this must be resolved correctly).

When I set the NavigateUrl to "test.aspx" it's resolved to: "_catalogs/masterpage/test.aspx" which probably has something to do with the fact that the webpart manager containing my webparts is declared in the masterpage.

The solution was simple: Use Page.ResolveUrl before setting the url. This correctly resolves the relative url before it's set to the TreeView:

string relativeUrl = "test.aspx";
treeNode.NavigateUrl = Page.ResolveUrl(relativeUrl);

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Susheel Dakoju said...

Your article helped me to resolve few issues with the webpart(Survey Online)I was developing. Thought it was not the complete solution for me, but guided me in the right direction. Please continue authoring awesome posts like this.